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Finding the Right Hotel Towels at MazTexSupply

Hotel towels are among one of the most important bathroom amenities and if you just go out looking for hotel towels, you will be held up with the variety. MazTexSupply providing Premium Towels and Soft Cotton Towels are weighed through a number of factors and one can easily get lost regarding what to choose for optimum results.

Whether you have guests over at your hotel for just the night or for a longer vacation, you want to make sure they get an excellent comfortable stay. It boils down to a number of factors that define how comfortable the stay of your guests is going to be and bathroom amenities play a huge role in this.

However, this guide will give you an idea of what to get and how to choose what you want for your hotel towels. The most important factors that differentiate one towel from another have been described below.

Size of The Premium Towels

When it comes to luxury towels for your hotels. MazTexSupply there is surprisingly at least 6 different sizes of towels that you need to stack. You will be needing towels for the following sizes.

  • Washcloth size

It’s generally 16 by 30 inches and is meant to dry hands after washing them. A washcloth may also be purchased in square dimensions, these kinds are exceedingly popular.

  • Hand towel size

A hand towel is generally smaller than a washcloth is also used for the same purpose.

  • Bath towel size

Bath towels come in a number of sizes. Small, regular and large sizes are more common whereas some luxury bath towels come in extra-large sizes as well.

  • Bath mat size

A bath mat also comes in a couple of different sizes but the exact size should be one that complements the size of your hotel bathroom. It is put next to the sink or the bathtub, or both and it is meant to dry feet on. Since a bath mat is changed very regularly, it is advisable for bath mats to be of high quality so they endure regular washings.

  • Bath sheet size

Bath sheets also come in various sizes. Typically, they vary between 27 and 50 inches. The size varies because a larger towel means one can wrap themselves in it and that’s where the luxury comes in. Depending on what your hotel charges its customers, you would be choosing between these sizes for bath sheets.

  • Bath Robes

MazTexSupply Bathrobes are just another one of those luxury hotel room amenities that most hotels give to their customers. These usually come in generic sizes, but you can always give your customers a more personalized experience by leaving a more suitable size in their room.

Weight of a Towel

The MazTexSupply towels play an important role in determining how luxurious the experience of your guests is going to be. A heavier towel is more plush and softer and gives a high-end experience but also costs more.

For the hotel gym or for motels, you could choose towels that weigh between 5-10 pounds a dozen. However, for high-end business centers, spa and hotel rooms you could choose ones that weigh between 15-20 pounds per dozen.

Your guest may not really notice how heavy a towel is, but they will definitely gauge their experience by how nice they felt in your towels. So that is absolutely worth it.

Usage of the Towel

What premium towels are used for plays a huge role in determining what kind of towel you will be needing? The one at a spa, as said earlier, can be very different from the one used at a gym. For instance, spa towels need to be made of ring spun cotton and they only give their essence when they are super soft and plush. They are even whiter as compared to room towels. They are generally as heavy as 15 to 20 lbs. per dozen.

MazTexSupply bath towels, on the other hand, are for more general use. They can be used at hotels, schools, gym and just about anywhere. They are made of cotton or cotton polyester blends and are slightly lower-end as compared to spa towels. They typically weigh between 5 and 17 lbs. per dozen.

Pool towels are another thing you will be needing if your hotel has a pool. Typically, pools associated with fun and they have towels with funkier color. But this also depends on the interior design of the pool area. Moreover, pool towels are normally longer than bath towels and are softer as room towels. They weigh between 5 to 20 lbs. Therefore, you can, in fact, choose how the luxury of an experience you want to give to your pool members.


Hotel towels can be made of a number of different materials and with each material, you choose the kind of experience your guests get. Moreover, the material of your premium towels may also depend on what purpose they are used for.

Here at MazTexSupply, we offer soft cotton towels, extra-large ones also and we have some of the more luxury towels as well. These typically include Turkish towels and Egyptian towels. Both these types are extra soft and super plush. They are in fact at the zenith of luxury experience towels.

From MazTexSupply you can choose soft cotton towels which is not only softer but also lasts longer and is resistant to wear and tear. Moreover, if your business is on a budget then cotton and polyester blended towels a great option as well.

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