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Salon Towels

Choosing the Right Salon Towels for Your Business

MazTexSupply providing Salon Towels that have two types of towels Bleach Proof Towels and Non-Bleach Proof Towels. If you are a salon owner, a beautician or an esthetician, the one thing you will be reaching out for the most during a day is going to be a salon towel. Salon towels are nothing less than a delicacy to pick when you go out shopping for supplies. And unsurprisingly it, a salon towel can make significant financial differences in your business.

Like any other towel, your salon towel needs to be absorbent. It should also be able to withstand harsh chemicals day in and day out. This means your salon towel will have to undergo countless washings before it is finally unsuitable for use. However, with each washing, the towel should retain its color and softness. This is because salon customers need every possible reassurance that the towels used on the fresh and clean, the color should be indicative of this. Moreover, nothing would worsen an experience as much as a salon towel that is rough on the face of a customer.

This guide should help you avoid some of the most common mistakes that salon owners can make while choosing a towel and you will be in a better position to choose something affordable yet durable, hence, cost-effective.

Down below are some of the most important factors that differentiate one towel from another.

Construction of a MazTexSupply Towels

Ideally, towels in a professional beauty salon should be engineered to last as many cycles in the washer and dryer as possible. When you go out there looking for something that would last longer, you might have to pay a few extra bucks but it saves cost in the longer run.

You will be looking for high-quality cotton that is tightly stitched and has double turned edges and has higher hemming. All of these factors give your towel a longer life after successive washes.

Size of MazTexSupply Towels

Size of a towel differs depending on its size. For instance, the towel that used in the spa of your salon will be many times bigger than the towel used for the nail. The towel used for hair, on the other hand, will be something in between. When choosing, you will have to know your exact needs, how many salon towels you need at each station and choose the quantity and sizes accordingly.

MazTexSupply cotton towels also shrink and some shrink significantly. Some manufacturers even hold that their towels shrink by up to 10% after washing. You may want to keep shrinking in mind at the time of purchasing as well.

Absorbency of a Towel

Absorbency of a towel is defined by the number of loops per square inch. More loops per square inch mean high absorbency and plusher. Towels with more loops are not only more absorbent but also softer and have higher durability as well. They are more expensive as well but for some professional uses, the cost is worth it.

Depending on how much each towel at your salon is going to be used. What purpose you will be deciding the towel according to its absorbency?

Weight of a Salon Towels

Before deciding what weight you want on your towels, you will have to ask yourself a few questions. How often do your towels need to be washed? How quickly do you need them to dry?

While heavier towels are plusher and more luxurious to use, they might not be your solution even if you are willing to spend the money. The reason is that heavier towels take longer time in washing and correspondingly even longer in drying because they hold more water.

Depending on how quickly you need to reuse a towel after using it once will define what the weight of your towels should be.

Types of Towels

No matter what material of towels you are choosing (each material has its pros and cons and it depends on the purpose of the towel), you can choose between bleach proof and non-bleach proof towels.

Bleach Proof Towels

Bleach proof towels are an important tool most professional salons have. These towels are resistant to bleach, chlorine, peroxide, acetone and the rough chemicals that used at salons including dyes.

Manufacturers sell these towels with a guarantee that their linen never fades color. MazTexSupply also as one of the most important tools. Bleach proof towels practically used for every rough and tough task at the salon. While holding their ability to never lose color or get stained. They must also be super soft and comfortable to ensure luxury for the customers.

Bleach proof towels are, however, more expensive to purchase and you should, therefore, have an exact figure on how many bleach proof towels you will be needing at your salon.

Non-Bleach Proof Towels

Non-bleach proof towels are for the everyday general use in salons in places. There isn’t much risk of the towel that stained or losing its color. Generally, non-bleach proof towels used in the spa, for hair washing. Just about every basic task that does not involve discoloration.

Non-bleach proof towels chosen in cotton or microfiber materials. While good quality cotton salon towels are long-lasting and absorb well. Microfiber towels are ultra-absorbent and last much longer as compared to cotton linens.  Microfiber towels also dry super quick as compared to cotton towels.

Segregating the Towels Smartly

One of the most common mistake salons make is to mix their bleach proof towels. With their non-bleach proof towels by storing them in the same place. Be sure to never mix them and keep them separate. Using non-bleach proof towels in places of harsh chemicals and dyes will only give you added replacement costs.

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